GAIA /ˈgīə/ is the ancient Greek goddess of Earth

    In our quest to have children feel more connected and communicative with plants, we have created Gaia, an educational toy that combines our love of all things green, with technology and play.


GAIA is a “smart” plant companion which allows for an interactive experience between your child and their plant. Encouraging the initiation of open ended play as well as help spark creativity.

    Encouraging "green" thinking through interactive play

    Watching and caring for plants helps children learn the following skills:

      • Empathy

      • Care

      • Nurture

  • We believe that these characteristics can be further nurtured by encouraging direct involvement of caring for plants by children. Due to the technology of computers, phones, and tablets, children are less inclined to go outside and explore nature. Gaia combines both technology and nature together, delivering a new fun way for children to explore nature, learn about plants and develop the skills mentioned above.


  • Please enjoy our GAIA colouring book while we prepare our “Kickstarter” campaign!

  • To ensure the full experience, please use the latest Chrome browser for the colouring book.

  • If you do not have Chrome, download at:

  • https://www.google.com/chrome